Hydrauliske gaffler

One of the latest developments is the patent RollerForks® system, which has won two innovation awards. RollerForks are used for loading and unloading containers without the need for pallets.

Palletless handling
Palletless handling saves time, space and money, which in turn reduces a organization’s impact on the environment. Our RollerForks® are a mechanical lift truck attachments and requires no hydraulics like a push-pull.

Whilst the application of slip-sheets has been a success in many applications, the hydraulic attachment required, the push-pull, is expensive and heavy. It even makes some of the potential advantages undone. Therefore MSE-Forks introduced the RollerForks. These forks make palletless transport possible and offer, in comparison to the push-pulls, unparalleled advantages.

The investments costs are at least 50% less than other palletless handling equipment. Instead of pallets , plastic or solid board slipsheets are being used. Slipsheets offers lower purchasing costs, improves hygiene, improves available container capacity, etc.